Not long ago they premiered the trailer for The Virginity Hit over at Comic-Con and now it has just been sent over to us from Sony and you have to check it out! It’s hard to tell who exactly “made” the film, it looks like the young boys have though it was “directed” by two established filmmakers Huck Botko and Andrew Gurland and was being promoted at Con by the awesome comedy duo who just released The Other Guys, Will Ferrell and Adam McKay. Whoever is in charge of it has put together a documentary-esq comedy about a young teenage boy losing his virginity. Kind of like a real life Superbad… we think?

McKay and Ferrell announced a secret screening at Comic-Con, which we weren’t able to find, but we heard good things from! They claimed it was top secret and this was the first time anyone was hearing or seeing anything from it. Well know you can see and hear the trailer for yourself below…

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The Virginity Hit starts off like a typical teen, raunch fest centered around a  lonely dorky guy (with glasses of course) who is trying to lose his virginity. The twist here is that the poor sap makes an elaborate plan to lose his virginity to his girlfriend (who’s also a virgin, supposedly) ON YOUTUBE. I can buy it! Though I’d have to see it to believe it!

The film will be September 10th!

What do you think of it? Is this just a big hoax? Is it real? Do you care?