When Steve Carell confirmed that he will be leaving NBC’s “The Office” at the end of this season, rumors started swirling as to who could replace him and his alter ego Michael Scott. Over at EW, they’ve learned exclusively of two actors who’ve made their way onto the casting shortlist. The network confirms that they are working hard to fill the void left by Carell, but we’re not sure if any of the actors they have in mind can do it.

The show’s producers have quietly reached out to “Eastbond & Down” star Danny McBride and Rhys Darby from the defunct “Flight of the Conchords” to discuss possibly joining the show. Isn’t it interesting that both actors appeared on an HBO series? Hmm, what’s that all about? “The Office” showrunner Paul Lieberstein confirmed that they are having discussions about bringing in a new salesman to Dunder-Mifflin’s Scranton branch but he wouldn’t specify whether or not the character would be there to replace Scott.

Let’s be real, if a new character magically pops up towards the end of this season, they’re going to register as a replacement to the audience. People aren’t stupid, they can see through that type of casting. It sounds like they’re trying to make the transition smooth and less obvious, which is what Carell wants. A couple of months ago, he was asked if he wanted Michael to have a big exit from the show and he replied,

I don’t want him to. I would be inclined to make it kind of a subtle and simple departure as opposed to any big “very special episode of.”

As for the two candidates mentioned, McBride’s “Eastbound & Down” has just been renewed for another season and his reps claim that he’s very happy with the show. Darby on the other hand is fair game. What’s he been doing lately?

As someone who hates shows that over stay their welcome, I say put a fork in it. It’s done.

Who do you think they should bring in to take over The Office?