It’s time for your daily mind trip. A domestic trailer has been released for Gaspar Noé’s latest film, Enter the Void. The director is mostly known for his highly controversial 2002 film Irreversible, which caught a lot of heat for a certain graphic scene (a 9 minute rape scene to be exact) and now he’s taking us on another uncomfortable journey that’s set against the backdrop of Tokyo. Take a look at the trailer for Enter the Void

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Enter the Void is loosely inspired by the Tibetan Book of the Dead and centers on two siblings, a brother and a sister played by Paz de la Huerta and Nathaniel Brown. At first glance this trailer can seriously cause a seizure, a heart attack, or at the very least an upset stomach.

It’s obvious that the relationship between these two is not normal. They’ve gone through a traumatic event with the loss of their parents and their attachment to one another is a little too close for comfort. It looks like a lot of it takes place from the point of view of the brother who’s always watching over the sister, even in the most awkward circumstances (stripping?). He refuses to leave her side, even in death.

Enter the Void hits theaters on September 24th.

What do you think of the trailer for Enter the Void? Are you interested in seeing the film?

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