Last week’s episode of “True Blood” featured a lot of characters getting back on track. There was also loads of gore, and no less than three characters (who had it coming) died some seriously explosive and violent deaths. How does the show follow up something like that? Here’s what happened this week…

The Players:

Episode: “Night on The Sun”

Sookie and Bill do their best “Buffy-and-Angel” impersonation. Alcide comes sniffing around. Debbie mourns her Cooter and plans revenge. Jason continues to be an idiot when it comes to Crystal. Eric gives Talbot heartburn. Jessica sulks. Jesus meets the parents.

The Good:

  • Momma Lafayette? More like Momma Bates: Alfre Woodard is always welcome as an actress, especially when she’s playing Lafayette’s ax-crazy mom. It’s amazing how Jesus handled the surprise of his lover’s mom popping up with a sharp object ready to carve him into Jesus Pieces. A great capper to the episode. Speaking of which…
  • Neat Inversion: Amid all the relationship drama this episode, it was nice to see Lafayette and Jesus reconcile, and Jesus explaining why he doesn’t like Lafayette’s job. Usually this show handles all the non-vampire stuff at full volume, which made this a nice change of pace.
  • Is Eric a Vampire or a Lawyer?: Eric once again takes the episode. For somebody pretty skilled in kicking butt and taking names, he’s showing an incredible acuity for stabbing people in the back. Or in Talbot’s case, staking people in the chest. This has the double advantage of removing an annoying character quickly.
  • Russell’s Gentle Correction: It’s crude, it’s kind of tasteless, but we have to love how Russell lovingly pats Debbie on the head while informing her Sookie isn’t just a four-letter word, she’s a special four-letter word.

The Weird:

  • Hello Goodbye: Is it just us, or did Talbot basically just show up, do nothing and eventually get staked? The show isn’t usually this overt with its plot devices. Then again, he won’t be missed. Similarly, Holly seems interesting, but it feels like she was shoehorned in because they realized they only had a few episodes left this season.
  • Off Pace: Following that, this episode was a very weird mix of slow and rushed. The episode last week was chock full of action and climaxes, so anything would seem slow after but still, there’s some lost momentum.

The Bad:

  • The Fiery Hatred of a Thousand Suns: We’ve griped about Arlene at length, so we’ll keep it short here. Suffice to say, her plot twist does not do anything to make her storyline more interesting.
  • Get on With It!: Yeah, Crystal’s a…a…oh, who cares anymore? Let’s get this damn plot rolling finally. We’re pretty tired of having to hear the white trash of Bon Temps whine at length when there are vastly more interesting characters running around.


A fun episode in some parts but a lot of momentum lost, and we’re really hoping Bill and Sookie sulking doesn’t become a weekly thing.

Rating: 8/10

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