Back in March we caught wind of the trailer for the remake of the 1970′s film The Mechanic. The original starred Charles Bronson and the new one features present day ass-kicker Jason Statham. It’s another hitman flick that centers on a veteran assassin who takes a young, less experienced killer (Ben Foster) under his wing. Originally, it was scheduled to hit theaters in December of 2010 but thanks to a purchase by CBS Films that’s all changed.

CBS Films have acquired the U.S. distribution rights for the The Mechanic, which will now debut during the Spring of 2011. Besides Statham and Foster the film also stars Donald Sutherland and is directed by Simon West. Here are a few quotes taken from the official press release sent out by the studio in regards to their latest purchase.

“We look forward to working with the CBS Films team on releasing this movie,” stated David Winkler and William Chartoff who also produced the original film. “CBS Films possesses a refreshing, constructive energy and we are excited with their game plan to bring this exhilarating film to audiences.”

“We are very proud of The Mechanic and could not be more pleased to be working with CBS Films on this release,” stated Millennium Films’ Avi Lerner.

If you haven’t already seen the trailer for The Mechanic, we suggest you take a look. To say it’s a little more violent than the original movie would be an understatement.

Are you looking forward to seeing The Mechanic remake?

Source: ComingSoon