Warner Bros is wasting no time setting up a live action franchise for the Green Lantern. According to a recent tweet from DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns, production on the film wrapped on Friday, August 6th after it initially began back in February. Talk about a long shoot! Now that everything’s in the can, they’ve moved on to more important things like finding a writer for the sequel…

The studio obviously wants to keep it in the family, and have found someone within the WB realm. They’ve commissioned Michael Goldenberg who worked on Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix to write the screenplay for Green Lantern 2. This won’t be new material for Goldenberg, who performed a rewrite on the original Lantern script. He’s familiar with the character and all the people involved in the project.

This news comes after Warner Bros asked Lantern screenwriters Greg Berlanti, Michael Green and Marc Guggenheim to write a treatment for the new film. This is a huge vote of confidence on their part, because they’re assuming the first movie will make enough money and have enough fanboy cred to warrant a sequel.

There have been rumors that the second and third film might be shot closely together, perhaps back to back and if that is the case how the hell is Ryan Reynolds going to do Deadpool? These Green Lantern shoots run long so how will he fit the Marvel hero into his busy schedule? Inquiring minds want to know.

What do you think of Goldenberg being hired to pen Green Lantern 2? Do you think they should have green lit a sequel so soon?

Source: Variety