We thought we were done with Tarzan after the 1999 animated Disney movie but unfortunately that’s not the case. Another studio has decided to take matters into their own hands and bring a new cartoon version of the character to the big screen. Not only will he be animated but he’ll also be in 3D (sigh). Check out the details…

The geniuses behind the new Tarzan come from the German production company, Constantin Films. Robert Kulzer and Reinhard Klooss will produce the English language CGI adaptation in house for a 3D animated release. You’re probably asking yourself how and why did this happen so here’s the deal. Constantin acquired the animation rights from the estate of author and creator Edgar Rice Burroughs, whose first Tarzan story was published back in 1912.

If you have no idea who Kulzer is, he has two other films coming out and they’re both in 3D. The films are Resident Evil Afterlife and The Three Musketeers. Two movies that don’t exude confidence to the average moviegoer. We got our first whiff of the 3D graphics from Afterlife at Comic-Con and they were horrible. We really don’t want to see Tarzan swinging from tree to tree in sh*tty 3D.

What do you think of a 3D Tarzan movie? Are you interested in seeing it?

Source: Variety