After playing a corporate sap in Christopher Nolan’s Inception, Cillian Murphy is ready to be the bad guy again. According to a report from THR, the actor is in talks to join the sci-fi drama I’m.mortal from director Andrew Niccol. If he takes the part he’ll star alongside Amanda Seyfried and possibly Justin Timberlake who’s been rumored to play the male protagonist.

The story for I’m.mortal takes place in a future society where people can’t age and can only stay alive as long as they pay. Seyfried is playing the role of a woman kidnapped by a man whose time has expired so he goes on the run, taking her with him. Supposedly Timberlake is in talks to play the kidnapper, while Murphy will star as an officer from an organization known as Timekeepers and described as “precise as the time he keeps.”

The film is slated to begin production sometime this September. The premise for the movie is really interesting because it takes place in the “not too distant future” in a world where the aging gene has been shut off. I’m not sure how that happens but it does, and the richer you are the more time you can buy for yourself. Unfortunately, the poor folks have to negotiate to live longer lives. How twisted is that?

What do you think of Murphy joining I’m.mortal?