Earlier this week we brought you a little piece of footage taken from the 12 minute epilogue that’s featured on the “Lost: The Complete Series” DVD set. It’s supposed to answer a good chunk of the questions that got completely ignored during the actual finale. We don’t know how but the entire epilogue has leaked onto the internet. If you were a fan of the series but got turned off by the last episode this should give you some closure. Key word “should.” Watch the video…

**Video has been removed. We’re looking for another copy. Stay tuned!

Well, do you feel that? Do you feel the relief that washes over your body? Not really because this can’t make up for 6 seasons of unanswered mystery. Apparently it features a lot of Ben Linus aka Michael Emerson doing his usual bug-eyed shtick and a scene with a damn near grown Walt. At least they brought him back into the fold. We missed little Walt.

Miles’ dad Professor Chang also gets into the mix by narrating some employee video for the Dharma Initiative. How exciting? Not!

What do you think of the Lost epilogue? Was it worth your time? Most importantly, are you going to buy the DVD set?