Earlier today we reported on Tom Cruise’s impending pay-cut for Paramount’s upcoming Mission Impossible 4. That’s just one of many changes the studio plans on making with the follow up, but one thing that will remain the same is Ethan Hunt’s fashionable and tech-savvy sidekick Luther. Ving Rhames recently confirmed that he will return for the sequel when he appeared on the talk show “Lopez Tonight.” Watch his interview…

A couple of weeks ago when we spoke to MI:3 alum Maggie Q at the press junket for Priest, she stated that she wouldn’t be returning for the fourth film because the producers are bringing on an entirely new crew. Obviously she wasn’t referring to Luther, the oldie but goodie.

Here’s the video clip where Rhames discusses his return as well as a few other interesting tidbits about his character.

We’re not surprised that Rhames will be back for more spy-action because it’s hard to imagine Ethan without Luther. It wouldn’t be the same without his awesome clothes or his bad luck when it comes to exploding cars, trucks, and helicopters.

What do you think of Rhames and Luther returning for Mission Impossible 4? Are you interested in seeing the film?