After the lack success for this summer’s Knight and Day, Tom Cruise’s career is still treading the thin red line. Even though people are obsessed with his alter ego Les Grossman, the actor himself isn’t so hot. But we can’t blame him entirely for Knight and Day’s outcome, the boring premise and the zany antics of Cameron Diaz didn’t help much. Either way, Cruise’s next paycheck is feeling the burn of past mistakes including his upcoming film Mission Impossible 4.

According to Vulture, Cruise’s upfront salary for MI:4 has been cut by Paramount and they’ve restructured the film’s entire budget. Members from his camp claim that he’ll receive “a substantially reduced upfront payment” but also a nice piece of the back-end profits once they break even. When the actor starred in the first Mission Impossible he received $90 plus million when you take into account his salary, gross profits, and producing fees.

Times are truly changing and they’re not only affecting Cruise. We’re no longer in a place where an actor’s “star power” is enough to turn a profit. There are a choice few out there who can still demand a $20 plus million check and actually deliver a hit. You could say a lot of it has to do with excessive bootlegging, the recession, and all that but people are probably sick of the bullsh*t. How many sequels, remakes, and 3D films (that don’t need to be in 3D) can we take? Do we really NEED Mission Impossible 4?

Are you surprised that Cruise is receiving a pay cut? What other actor’s should get paid less?