Adam McKay’s latest film The Other Guys opens in theaters this weekend and it will feature plenty of buddy cop antics from Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell but who cares about them? It’s their co-star Eva Mendes who exposes her “real talent” when she sings her heart out on the song, “Pimps Don’t Cry.” Who knew she could sing? Furthermore, who knew she had a music video? We didn’t but there is one and you can watch it below…

The video debuted over on Funny or Die (no surprise there) and features Mendes alongside award winning singer/rapper/songwriter Cee-Lo.

OK, let’s be honest here. What Mendes is doing is more of a spoken word performance than actual singing. Cee-Lo comes in and saves us with his raspy, yet melodic voice to add that old school pimp feel. There’s also a throwback 1970s vibe a la Charlie’s Angels thanks to Mendes’ over-feathered hair.

Apparently this song appears at the end of The Other Guys, and it’s just one of the many surprises the closing credit sequence has in store for you.

What do you think of the single, Pimps Don’t Cry? Do you plan on seeing The Other Guys this weekend?