No, Sony! Back away from the Oscar winning actor. According to a recent report from The Playlist, the studio is looking to cast Christoph Waltz as the villain in their upcoming Spider-Man reboot. The last villain contender they had was John Malkovich, who was set to play the Vulture in the defunct Sam Raimi sequel. Now that the new Spidey is right around the corner, they want a new face for a new opponent.

Word on the street is that Sony is “interested” in Waltz playing The Lizard character opposite Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man. At the moment, this news is being categorized as just a rumor and one we’re not surprised to hear. The actor has been the go to guy for villain roles ever since he won an Oscar for playing one in Inglourious Basterds.

He already plays a mobster in next year’s The Green Hornet, and is set to star as the villain in the new Three Musketeers movie. At some point we’d like to see him show range. If he just wants to collect checks and bounce from one bad guy role to the next he can, but he’s so much better than that.

Do you think Waltz should play the villain in Spider-Man?