James Franco has a couple of high profile films on the horizon. Besides the Planet of the Apes prequel Rise of the Apes, he also stars in the Danny Boyle biopic 127 Hours. We reported on him landing the lead role of real life rock climber Aron Ralston back in January, now the first photos of him in character and on set have appeared online via Entertainment Weekly. Take a look…

127 Hours is a biopic based on Aron Ralston’s 2003 struggle to survive in the cold mountains of Utah when his arm got pinned beneath a boulder. After 5 days he amputated the limb using a dull knife, and proceeded to climb a 65-foot sheer wall to reach his freedom. He eventually encountered a family who gave him food and water, and notified the authorities.

You can’t really judge how good or bad a performance will be off a couple of photos but at first glance, this doesn’t look like Aron Ralston. It looks like James Franco in some cargo shorts. Actual trailer footage will better because we can get a feeling of him as the character through dialogue and movement. Here, it’s all stationary.

127 Hours is scheduled to hit theaters on November 5th.

What do you think of the first photos of Franco as Ralston?