The first trailer for Tony Scott and Denzel Washington’s umpteenth collaboration has been released and it’s called Man on Fire, we mean The Taking of Pelham 123, no we mean Unstoppable. Yes, it’s Unstoppable and it co-stars Chris Pine. It’s one of those movies where the older, more experienced character has to take the young buck under their wing to show them the way. And in this case, if Pine’s character doesn’t learn quickly he’ll end up dead. Take a look at the trailer…

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The trailer for Unstoppable pretty much proves that Tony Scott has lost his mind. He can take a simple premise about two guys trying to stop a train crash and turn it into something ridiculously fantastical. Fantastical to a fault! We have 8 freight cars of hazardous chemicals plowing through a town with school children, farm animals, and buildings, and somehow Washington’s character is acting like this is a typical day on the job.

There’s also Rosario Dawson playing a tight under the collar agent trying to contain this runaway train but unfortunately she’s surrounded by idiots. This movie really makes small town people look bad. After watching this trailer, we’ve come to the conclusion that Unstoppable needs to be stopped.

The film rams into theaters on November 12th.

What do you think of the first trailer for Unstoppable? Are you interested in seeing the movie?