Oscar nominee Taraji P. Henson has landed a new gig and it has her making history. She’ll play the first woman to coach a Division One men’s team in the NCAA. Doesn’t that sound interesting? The groundbreaking role is for a film called From the Rough and her character will be inspired by Dr. Catana Starks, the woman who really did break a gender barrier in coaching.

According to THR, “Henson will play a fictionalized version of Starks named Cassandra Turner, who parlays a successful stint as coach of the women’s swim team at a historically black college into a shot at building the men’s golf team. With available black players scarce, Turner scours Europe, Australia and Asia for hidden talents and constructs a uniquely multi-racial team. (In real life, Starks was the golf coach at Tennessee State University.)”

The leap from swimming to golf seems random but something tells me the journey from point A to point B will be interesting to watch. After seeing Henson fade in and out of the background in this summer’s The Karate Kid, I’m ready to see her in something that shows her talent. She needs to be in the forefront with some good material. Perhap’s From the Rough can give her career that leading lady boost?

What do you think of Henson taking on the role? Have you heard of the real coach’s story?