We knew something wasn’t right about Disney’s  3D conversion of Beauty and the Beast. A couple weeks ago we posted a trailer that advertised a special re-release of the classic film in theaters and even though it didn’t appear polished we believed that it was a positive sign that the movie was on the right track. We were wrong! According to THR, the film has been postponed indefinitely.

Beauty and the Beast was originally scheduled to hit theaters Valentine’s Day 2010, which never happened. Now it’s being pushed back to 2011 or later, because of the lack of enthusiasm surrounding 3D TVs. They want to release the 3D film in theaters then on DVD, but with the backlash that’s surrounding the format they’re not sure about it anymore.

The trade claims there’s one bottom line when it comes to all these re-releases. “Converting pics to 3D costs $15 million or so per movie and theatrical prospects are limited for any re-release. So the campaign is really all about the eventual release of Toy Story 3D, Beauty and the Beast 3D and other converted animated features on Blu-ray disc.”

Even though they’re skimping out on the theatrical release (right now), the studio plans on reissuing a special edition Beauty and the Beast DVD in October.

What do you think of Disney’s decision to push back Beauty and the Beast?