The American Werewolf in London remake is one of those films that you try to ignore in hopes that it will go away. Unfortunately our plan isn’t working because not only is it still in development but now the creative brass over at The Weinstein Company have found a screenwriter. According to The Los Angeles Times, they’ve got their eye on the man who brought us 2007′s The Number 23.

If you don’t remember The Number 23 it was the Joel Schumacher film that starred Jim Carrey and Virginia Madsen. It was a creepy, dark, psychological thriller that ended up being a complete bomb for all those involved. Despite having such a dud on his resume the Weinsteins have decided to give Fernley Phillips a shot. We could never trust someone with a name like Fernley but apparently they can.

Since Hollywood has completely raped the image of vampires on film and television it’s only natural that werewolves would be their next victims. Ever since it was announced that this movie was being remade we’ve been against it and even though a writers on board there’s still hope. There’s still hope that this won’t happen. Maybe we can wish it away?

What do you think of Phillips taking on the script for An American Werewolf in London?