Did you really think that David Fincher would get away with making a movie about Facebook without YouTube getting in on the action? Both sites became popular around the same time and allowed users to post ridiculous material about their lives. Whether it’s watching their cats on a toilet or a hamster jet skiing, they made magic. In honor of those similarities, a new trailer has been released mocking The Social Network for a fake film called The Video Website. Check it out…

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First of all, if you haven’t seen the trailer for The Social Network you’re not going to get 80 percent of the jokes in this video. Not only are they over-dramatizing the actual story but their overdoing the performances as well. Jesse Eisenberg’s reserved ignorance along with Andrew Garfield‘s out of control anger, are well represented here with the two main characters.

In all seriousness, who would be surprised if they saw a YouTube movie in the near future? Especially if The Social Network does well at the box office we might have a whole slew of behind the scenes films hitting theaters.

What do you think of the fake trailer for The Video Website? Would you pay to see it if it was a real movie?