The trailer remix is a noble art where a trailer for a movie is remixed (hence the name) into something that looks completely different. Horror becomes comedy, comedy becomes action, action becomes romance… you get the picture. To this end, we’ve decided to count down the 10 best trailer remixes of all time. Enjoy!

10. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

The Original: A zany teen comedy.
The Remix: A heartbreaking sob story.

This remix asks a simple question: What if Ferris Bueller’s illness wasn’t just a made-up excuse to get out of school but was actually life-threatening? In the alternate reality of the trailer, Ferris has only one day left to live – adding poignancy to the title – and decides to spend it doing awesome stuff with his friends. We shed a few manly tears.

9. The Fast and the Curious

The Original: A fast-paced car thriller.
The Remix: A tale of forbidden love.

With a name like “The Fast and The Curious,” there’s really only one thing this could possibly be. This trailer takes the mildly homoerotic tension between Vin Diesel and the blond protagonist up to Brokeback Mountain levels, replacing the romantic subplot of Vin Diesel’s sister with Vin himself. Tasteless? Maybe. Funny? Oh yeah.

8. 10 Things I Hate About Commandments

The Original: A biblical/historical epic.
The Remix: A high school comedy.

Imagine Mean Girls set 3000 years ago. Now imagine the girls are guys, and the guys are Pharaoh Ramses and Moses. It’s amazing what a change of soundtrack and a bunch of shots of drunk partying Egyptians does for a story; we have no idea how anyone could think this kind of thing up, but we’re glad they did.

7. West Side Story

The Original: A musical take on Romeo and Juliet.
The Remix: A zombie horror flick.

Wait, what? Admittedly, something always seemed off about the finger-snapping so-called gang members in the original, but zombies? But hey, we’ll roll with it; the zombies in question appear to be running and glowing like traffic lights, and while that doesn’t fit with the usual undead trope it’s actually pretty darn terrifying. 28 Stories Later, anyone?

6. Must Love Jaws

The Original: A suspenseful tale of man-vs-beast.
The Remix: A family-friendly animal movie.

You got Free Willy in my Jaws! No, you got Jaws in my Free Willy! Made by the same geniuses who did 10 Things I Hate About Commandments, if this movie was actually released instead of Jaws it would have had the exact opposite effect, making people appreciate these (fairly) gentle giants of the deep instead of staying out of the water.

5. Xmas Origins: Santa

The Original: A wacky holiday comedy.
The Remix: A kickass superhero film.

Some masterful splicing of actual superhero films – including The Punisher, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, and The Dark Knight – alongside the actual Santa Clause trailer leads to an actually pretty awesome-looking movie. And given the “dark, gritty reboot” bug that seems to be infecting Hollywood, maybe this isn’t so farfetched.

4. Scary Mary

The Original: A classic kids’ movie.
The Remix: A supernatural horror story.

We’ve always thought something seemed terribly wrong about Mary Poppins’ unexplained magical powers, and it turns out we were totally right. She’s actually some sort of Satanic demon sent from hell to terrorize little children. We can’t really imagine anything more traumatic for a kid to watch than this. Well, except for…

3. Home Alone

The Original: Another classic kids’ movie.
The Remix: A gory slasher movie.

…And now your childhood is ruined. Sleep tight, kids!

2. 2012: It’s a Disaster!

The Original: A disaster movie.
The Remix: A disaster movie… parody.

The genius of this remix is that it doesn’t really change the genre, but instead cranks it all up to 11 in every sense of the phrase. Let’s be honest here: you didn’t go into 2012 for the plot or characters; you wanted to see things exploding and/or falling apart, and this trailer knows it. Definitely the movie we most wish was made.

1. Shining

The Original: A paranormal horror movie.
The Remix: A heartwarming redemption tale.

However, we have to give the top spot to the remix that’s both the most influential and the best. Turns out that under all the dark and creepy stuff in The Shining there was a beautiful story about a kid needing his dad. No one goes nuts, Jack finds an equitable balance between work and play, they drive off to the tune of Solsbury Hills, and everyone lives happily ever after.

What do you think? Did we leave any others out?