We previously learned that the big bad villain for the 10th and final season of “Smallville” will be Darkseid. With someone that powerful after Clark, he’s going to need some help. According to KrypstonSite, two key characters will be joining the show in the form of Hawkgirl and Deadshot, aka Shayera and Floyd Lawton. Learn more about who’ll play the coveted roles…

Hawkgirl will be played by Sahar Biniaz, and will be joined by Michael Shanks who is expected to reprise his role as Hawkman aka Carter Hall/Holl. He made his debut during the two hour “Absolute Justice” episode last season. Biniaz will appear as Shayera in the episode entitled “Shield” but we’re unsure if she’ll be in her Hawkgirl form with the costume and wings.

As for Deadshot, Bradley Stryker has landed the role of the character who’s best known for his part in The Suicide Squad. The actor has appeared on several TV shows prior to landing this one including “The O.C.” as Ryan’s crazy brother Trey in season one, and a few episodes of “Stargate: SGU.”

Is it bad that the one thing we’re the most worried about are the character’s costumes? If they’re anything like what we saw in “Absolute Justice“, please don’t dress them up. Keep them civilian style.

What do you think of the latest additions to Smallville?