Professionally Sandra Bullock’s career has never been better. Two out of 3 films she released last year were commercial and critical hits earning her a Golden Globe and Oscar win, and now she’s just been crowned the richest actress in Hollywood. Yeah, we knew it was coming. Oscar gold just wasn’t good enough, Bullock was behind the scenes collecting those checks! See who else made bank last year…

Between June 2009 and June 2010, Bullock earned $56 million thanks to the success of The Proposal and The Blind Side. Not only did the actress star in the films but she also produced them, which means she got a nice chunk of change on the front and back end. The Proposal grossed $320 million at the box office on a $40 million budget and The Blind Side scored an impressive $310 million. Yeah. that’s what we call making a profit.

Coming in at second place, we have a tie: Reese Witherspoon and Cameron Diaz both earned $32 million dollars. This is interesting considering Witherspoon hasn’t been seen on screen since 2008′s Four Christmases, but she did lend her voice to Monsters Vs Aliens so that’s something.

Those ladies are followed by Jennifer Aniston who earned $27 million and Sarah Jessica Parker who raked in $25 million. Aniston hasn’t had the best box office record as of late but that doesn’t stop people from signing her up for every romantic comedy known to man. Those development deals are what’s keeping her pockets nice and full. As for Parker, she gets paid for the syndication of Sex and the City and has a successful perfume.

We’re all about female empowerment here, so congrats to all these women who have earned their keep. With the utmost respect we say: Congrats, you rich bitches!

Do you think Bullock deserves the top spot? Are you surprised by these actresses income?

Source: Forbes