Once again Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez’s professional paths are crossing. Monday we reported that Rodriguez was in talks to direct the superhero movie Deadpool and now there’s word (via Pajiba) that Tarantino wants to take on The Shadow. The last time we heard anything about the project Sam Raimi was attached but we guess that’s no longer the case. If Tarantino comes on board will The Shadow be dropping F-bombs and slicing villain’s neck’s from ear to ear?

Apparently, Tarantino is rumored as the screenwriter and director of the new film, which would be a vastly different take on the pulp hero. The last time we saw the character on the big screen it was 1994 and he was played by Alec Baldwin, a slender strikingly handsome Alec Baldwin. None of this has been confirmed but at the moment, their inside source claims that Tarantino’s the next man in charge. Even though it’s a pleasant surprise, you have to admit that the director’s interest comes out of left field.

The Shadow has never been mentioned among the 27 dozen projects that Tarantino has always been obsessed with. Maybe he loved original radio show and the pulps (which do seem up Tarantino’s alley), and maybe he saw Siavash Farahani’s script and decided that, if anyone could erase the memory of Alec Baldwin’s atrocity, it’d be him.

Could it happen? Is this a match made in heaven?

What do you think of Tarantino taking on The Shadow?