A few days ago, Deadline reported on Nicolas Cage’s abrupt departure from Joel Schumacher’s upcoming thriller Trespass. The cast and crew were left in limbo wondering when and if the film would go into production. According to EW, Cage has changed his mind and is back on to star as the lead in the film. Whether or not this means Liev Schreiber is out as his replacement who knows. If that wasn’t confusing enough, the actor has also switched his role – again.

Cage was originally set to star as Nicole Kidman’s husband, one half of an unlucky couple being terrorized by a group of professional thieves. Apparently, playing a goodie goodie was boring to the Oscar winning actor and he opted to play one of the thieves instead, therefore rumors sprung up that Schreiber would step in as the husband. Shortly after, Cage decided to jump ship all together and leave the film without either.

Now, he’s reportedly returned and is once again playing the role of the husband and filming is slated to begin sometime soon. His return was confirmed by Millennium Films today so we know for a fact that he’s back — permanently.

What do you think of Cage’s decision to return to Trespass?