Veteran actor Jeff Goldblum is done with the USA series, “Law & Order: Criminal Intent.” After a two season run as lead detective he’s out according to a report from Variety. What’s the reason behind his decision? Common sense! While NBC’s picked up “Special Victims Unit” and the freshman series “Law & Order: Los Angeles,” USA’s twiddling their thumbs with “Criminal Intent,” therefore Goldblum is a goner!

Before you get angry about his decision to leave the show, his contract is up with Wolf Films and he has the option to exit. Who can really blame him? The show hasn’t even been renewed yet. Also, if “Criminal Intent” does return they’ll more than likely have a short final season (8 episodes) that will feature the return of original cast members like Vincent D’Onofrio. Where would that leave Goldblum, besides in the corner somewhere looking out of place?

There’s also uncertainty surrounding Saffron Burrows who played Goldblum’s partner on the show. After both D’Onofrio and “Law & Order” Legend Chris Noth jumped ship the focus of the series shifted to the two new characters. USA needs to return to a formula that works. If D’Onofrio wants to come back, bring him back, get the old team together and produce a decent season. Is that too hard?

What do you think of Goldblum’s decision to leave the show? Are you surprised?