Tron Legacy director Joseph Kosinski has found another film gig besides The Black Hole remake. According to THR, he’ll reunite with Disney for Oblivion a big screen adaptation of the graphic novel of the same name. The studio purchased the rights to the Radical publication for the sole purpose of Kosinski directing it.

The story centers on “a future Earth, where civilization lives above the clouds and scavengers collect ancient artifacts from the polluted surface below. When one young scavenger finds a crashed spacecraft planetside, it lead him on a journey filled with romance and adventure.” Other directors were interested in taking on the Oblivion project but Disney’s own Sean Bailey wanted Kosinski to stay with the studio, therefore cementing him for the job.

Kosinski’s having one hell of a year and Tron Legacy hasn’t even hit theaters yet. The film is already regarded as one of the most anticipated movies of 2010, and it’s expected to make a boatload of money for the studio. Not only that, but there are two more Tron sequels said to be in development, which he’s also working on. Where will he find the time?

What do you think of Kosinski taking on Oblivion? Who do you think should direct the film?