It’s been a few months since the final episode of “Lost” aired on ABC, and as you would expect the series didn’t really give a sense of closure. Some story lines were wrapped up but a lot were just open ended mindf*cks that left us in the dark. That’s why when ABC announced that they were releasing extra, unseen footage on the special “Lost: The Complete Series” DVD fans jumped for joy. Over at Access Hollywood they’ve actually released a clip from the “New Man in Charge” epilogue. Take a look…

You’ll be able to see more footage from the show when the DVD set hits shelves on August 24th. It’s said to feature more scenes highlighting Hurley and Ben’s story that wasn’t explored during the finale. This is great for all of you who are interested in what happened between those two but it does nothing for me and my questions.

I’m more interested in basic stuff like…what the f*ck was the island? Why was there a polar bear? What was up with women, death, and babies? You know those questions.

What do you think of the first scene from the Lost epilogue? Do you plan on buying the DVD set?