Jane Lynch may be the queen of mean at the moment but Carol Burnett was playing a bitch back when the actress was still in diapers. The combination of these two sounds dangerous but the Fox network isn’t scared one bit. Apparently Burnett is in talks to guest star on an episode of “Glee” next season as none other than Sue Sylvester’s mother! Dun! Dun! Dun!

EW is reporting that Burnett will appear as the Nazi-hunting mother of Sylvester in an episode slated to air in October or November. The good news is her casting is a real possibility, the bad news is that when she arrives Sue’s dad won’t be by her side. Sorry folks. But either way, this is a great piece of news and it’s genius on the show’s part to even think of it!

Burnett has won 6 Emmy’s over her television career and was recently nominated for another one thanks to her guest starring role on “Law & Order: SVU. If anyone can put Lynch in her place it’s her. Even though Fox hasn’t released an official statement regarding her appearance, Burnett has expressed interest in the show in the past.

“I would definitely do [Glee],” Burnett said. “I’d do whatever they wanted me to, but I’d like to have a few scenes with Jane Lynch. I love her.”

From your lips to the producers and Fox’s ears!

What do you think of Burnett guest starring on Glee? Do you think she’s the right fit to play Sylvester’s mom?