Hollywood needs to be stopped! Seriously, they need to be reprimanded for their laziness because their “creativity” at this point is non-existent. A few years ago there was talk of a big screen adaptation of the seventies series, “CHiPs” with Wilmer Valderrama attached to play Erik Estrada’s character Ponch. Over time nothing happened and we thought we’d never have to hear about it again – we were wrong. According to Deadline, another “That ’70′s Show” alum is planning to reboot the project, but on the small screen.

Topher Grace, who can currently be seen in Robert Rodriguez’s Predators is behind the latest television remake. He along with “Numbers” creators Nicolas Falacci and Cheryl Heuton are writing/exec producing a modern day version of “CHiPs.” We wonder if this has anything to do with CBS’s “Hawaii 5-0” reboot airing this fall or maybe ABC’s upcoming series “The Rockford Files“? Did we get trapped in a time machine because before you know it we’ll start seeing stuff from the nineties again.

Thankfully, “CHiPs” hasn’t been taken out to any networks as of yet because the deals are still being finalized. Something tells us that they’ll shop it to CBS first, then ABC, then NBC. We saved the peacock network for last because they’ve probably learned their lesson from that horrible “Bionic Woman” remake (shudder).

Are you interested in seeing a rebooted version of CHiPs on the small screen?