College Humor is known for producing parody videos of the most popular movies, shows, and stars of the time and what’s the biggest thing right now? Christopher Nolan’s Inception that’s what! The dream weaving, mind-bending thriller that stars Leonardo DiCaprio is coming off its third week at number 1, therefore it’s only right that the folks at College Humor pick it apart. If you haven’t already seen the film, please avert your eyes because not only will this spoil the movie but it will make you not want to see it. This is a dramatization in every sense of the word.

Check out the video below…

In terms of the setting, this scene is right on the money, but did they really have to do Joseph Gordon-Levitt like that? The guy playing Arthur looks nothing like him and does him a huge disservice. None of the actors really look like the people from the movie, they just have similar hairstyles and clothes. Tom Hardy’s scruffy beard, DiCaprio’s jacket, and Ellen Page’s ridiculous scarf. Seriously, didn’t she have a different scarf on in every scene?

The funniest part actually comes at the end and has nothing to do with Inception but Nolan’s previous film The Dark Knight. Just when we thought we were used to Christian Bale’s creepy Batman voice, his cameo made us realize that we’re not. Can someone just pass him a lozenge?

What do you think of College Humor’s take on Inception? Funny or not?