A good mix of DVDs this week as we get both an attempted blockbuster (Kick-Ass) and several smaller films that almost made Rotten Tomatoes explode with good reviews (The Ghost Writer and A Prophet). Plus, if you have kids, you can pick up a DVD to entertain them why you check out one of these R-Rated flicks with Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

Of course, you may also be a glutton for punishment so there’s the final season of “Heroes” to help you there. Plus the DVD you can’t believe is real.

Check out the new releases below…





A couple weeks ago (with regards to The Losers) I remarked on how the instant comic/graphic novel to big screen success formula might be dead. Well, Kick-Ass is another example of why that just may be right.

It was hard to get much buzzier than this flick going in.  Super-renowned comic, great trailer, tons of hype from critics and early screening geeks. This was poised to be the hit of the Spring.

Then it came out and delivered. Giving us a smart, funny, and obscenely violent romp that seemed a perfect fit for Summer. So in April it should have been a no-brainer blockbuster. Except it wasn’t. It didn’t even crack $50 million. Less than either one of those Amanda Seyfried movies with mail in the title.

But it wasn’t just that. Nobody talked about it. Nobody. For a week people seemed excited, and then when it dropped – everybody just seemed to sweep it under a fanboy rug.  And now they’re dumping this movie on DVD with horrid TV Spots that make it seem like a movie made for 10-year-olds.

Yes, the graphic novel/comic flick may be dead – unless Scott Pilgrim can bring it back.

Or maybe you can bring it back by buying Kick-Ass on DVD.

The Ghost Writer


I haven’t seen this movie yet, but I plan to pick it up very soon on DVD.

Why? Because it got phenomenal reviews earlier this year. I like most of the actors in it, and I love a movie that isn’t made for 13-year-old boys and respects its audience.

There is one little caveat to renting this movie – it’s directed by Roman Polanski.

I’ve always felt a bit conflicted renting Roman Polanski films. It’s hard to reconcile supporting a man convicted of raping an underage girl who got away without any real punishment whatsoever. Still, the guy had made some damn fine movies – especially The Pianist – since his self-imposed exile.

I suppose I separate the man from his art, knowing that I can enjoy a movie without celebrating the man. But what does everyone else think?

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If you have no conflict, you can buy The Ghost Writer on DVD.



“Heroes”: Final Season

It’s easy to rag on NBC. In fact, it’s so easy that it’s not even worth doing anymore.

Except in the case of “Heroes”.

It’s interesting that this DVD comes out a couple days after the Television Critics Awards, because it was only a few seasons ago that “Heroes” won ‘Program of the Year’ at that ceremony (won by “Glee” this year).

This category basically seeks to define the TV show that year that won everyone over – critics, industry types, audiences, ratings, advertisers, everybody.

In other words, this was a show that couldn’t fail. A mega-hit in the making. Now? It didn’t even get to 100 episodes. Imagine that happening to “Glee” or “Modern Family” or “True Blood” or some other acclaimed buzz machine.

You can’t. Why? Because they’re not on NBC.

So when you buy “Heroes” on DVD, shed a little tear for NBC.

  • “Hawaii 5-0”: Season 9 – Buy Now
  • “Mercy”: Complete Series – Buy Now

And, Just So You Know, This DVD Exists…

See this movie to finally answer the question – “How can you save yourself if you’re already dead?”

What DVDs are you looking forward to picking up this week?