The year was 2007, and a young  filmmaker named Jason Reitman took a chance on an unknown’s screenplay called Juno. Several years, Oscar wins, and Oscar nominations later Reitman and screenwriter Diablo Cody are ready to make magic happen again with a new project called Young Adult. According to Deadline, the film will feature Charlize Theron dealing with love, loss, and more loss.

In the film, Theron “plays a ghostwriter of young adult novels who plots to reclaim her identity. Her campaign involves going back and rekindling a relationship with her high school boyfriend — who’s freshly married, is a new father, and wants no part of her. While she works on her plan, the ghostwriter reengages with high school acquaintances and their experiences in trying to fulfill all those high school hopes and dreams that often get crushed by the realities of life.”

To be completely honest, this premise isn’t 100 percent original. There are plenty of films that have been done in this same vein but since it’s Cody and Reitman we might let it slide. We wonder who the lucky guy is they’ll get to play the object of Theron’s affection? Any ideas?

What do you think of the premise for Young Adult? Are you interested in seeing the film?