When we last saw Sookie, she was out to save Bill (again), while Tara was out to save her, and Russell violated Godwin’s Law. The show had undeniably picked up some momentum from the previous first episodes, making us wonder if this one could keep up. Sunday’s “True Blood” was entitled “Hitting the Ground,” and here’s what we thought of the latest installment from this lukewarm season…

The Players:

Episode Title: “Hitting the Ground”

Lorena loses her head. Sookie saves Bill as Tara saves Sookie. Sookie takes a nap. Bill takes in some sun. The Evil League of Evil has a meeting, and Magister also loses his head after being tied up.

The Good:

  • Gore, Gore, Power Rangers: Yeah, Sookie popping Lorena like a blood-filled zit? Awesome. So long, Lorena, you won’t be missed. Ditto Russell punching Magister’s ticket once and for all. Every now and then this show reminds us that we’re surrounded by monsters. And Cooter buying the farm was pretty awesome too.
  • Bait and Switch: Sure, we don’t really need to establish Russell as scary and evil, but his meeting of all the scary folks near Bon Temps, combined with how he asserts himself by freeing Pam and binding Magister, does make him even more bad-ass than he already was.
  • Sam I Am: Sam finding out about the dog fighting ring and finally, finally, giving some people a well-deserved chewing out nearly makes all the boring setup for the big moment worth it.

The Weird:

  • Heaven Is a Place Where Nothing Ever Happens: That vision Sookie has in her coma has to be the goofiest thing this show has ever tried to spring on us. Thanks, but no thanks.

The Bad:

  • Murky Crystal: Yep, she’s not in this episode, but her cousin is, and said cousin drops a whole bunch of hints that just makes this subplot more annoying. In the immortal words of Tim the Enchanter: GET ON WITH IT!
  • Bill The Ungrateful: So your response to the woman you love saving you by offering up her blood is trying to drain her like a Slurpee? It seems a little out of character, especially after the reveal that Bill can walk around in daylight.  Contrived much?


Really fast-paced, with a lot of good information and almost none of the boring subplots that marred the first few episodes.

Rating: 9/10

“True Blood” airs on Sunday nights at 9pm on HBO

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