The first clip from Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman’s film The Switch has been released and it has us on the edge of our seats (sarcasm). The movie opens in theaters on August 20th and we were wondering when they were going to kick up the marketing for this thing. Aniston hasn’t exactly had the best of luck when it comes to romantic comedies this year. Check out this scene from the movie and tell us what you think…

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As you can see Kassie (Aniston) wants to get a little help from her best friend Wally (Bateman) in the baby-making department. She’s a successful woman who wants to start a family but unfortunately time isn’t on her side. Without a steady partner in her life and no real prospects, she opts for a sperm donor as her only logical solution.

The twist on this whole scenario is Bateman’s character is secretly in love with her and somehow will mix up his “man-juice” with that of the donor’s, resulting in a is it or isn’t it his kid scenario down the line. Doesn’t that sound hilarious?! It will be like a typical episode of “Maury.”

What do you think of the first clip from The Switch? Are you interested in seeing the film?

Source: Yahoo