Who better to keep you away from sex than the 40 year virgin and a woman who relies on love potion number 9 to get a man? According to The Playlist, Steve Carell and Sandra Bullock will team up for a movie called The Abstinence Teacher, and yes, it’s a comedy. The duo are the latest actors to be attached to the film that’s been in development for years. Can the Oscar winner and one of the funniest comedians around get this movie pushed into production?

The film is the product of Little Miss Sunshine collaborators Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris, who plan on adapting the book written by Tom Perrotta. “Published in 2007, the novel revolves around a divorced sex ed teacher in middle America who is at odds with the town’s more conservative groups. At the same time, she finds herself falling for her daughter’s born-again soccer coach.”

Carell previously worked with the directors on Sunshine so his casting isn’t really a surprise and if anyone knows how to do awkward comedy with a touch of drama it’s Bullock. Perotta is attached to pen the screenplay for The Abstinence Teacher, which gives us another reason to look forward to it.

What do you think of Carell and Bullock teaming up for The Abstinence Teacher? Do you think they’ll make a good team?