A while ago we learned that Chris Pine would be the lucky actor to pick up where Ben Affleck left off in the long running Jack Ryan film series. The new movie in the rebooted franchise is entitled Moscow, and word on the street has “Lost” director Jack Bender as one of the potentials to direct it. Apparently, everything JJ Abrams touches really does turn to gold. Pine, Bender, who’s next?

According to a report from Vulture, Bender is literally a hop, skip, and a jump away from landing the directing gig from Paramount. Moscow will center on “a fresh-from-the-Marines Jack Ryan goes to work as an analyst for a Russian billionaire, but winds up on the run after being implicated in a terrorist plot.” Bender’s feature film resume doesn’t boast the highest quality projects, unless you consider Child’s Play 3 a contemporary classic.

For the most part, Bender’s directing experience comes from working on Bad Robot properties like “Lost” “Alias,” and “Felicity.” Is it a coincidence that Abrams’ Paramount partnership, which has yielded such hits as Mission Impossible 3 and Star Trek has somehow influenced another franchise that he technically has nothing to do with? Interesting, isn’t it?

Do you think Bender is the right guy to reboot the Jack Ryan series for Paramount? Who do you think should get the job?