Do you want to watch something gross, sad, and downright immoral all at the same time? Recently, “actress” Lindsay Lohan has had her hands full (in the legal sense) but prior to all that she took part in a raunchy new film called, Underground Comedy. It’s written, directed, and stars Vince Offer aka The ShamWow Guy. The trailer is filled with disgusting gags, and vomit inducing scenarios like supermodels on the toilet (doing a number 2) and dead people sex. That’s right, DEAD PEOPLE SEX! Take a look…if you dare…

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If this is a comedy, shouldn’t it be funny? I’ve seen more than my fair share of films that reach for the most extreme and disgusting scenarios to get a laugh but this one fails on all counts. It’s no surprise that Lohan is involved with it given the current state of her career, but Michael Clarke Duncan? Really?! The Academy Award nominated actor?

I’m not sure how they string a narrative out of this cluster of clips. Underground Comedy is slated to hit theaters this fall, which sounds hard to believe. This has straight to DVD written all over it. And not just straight to DVD, but straight to the back of DVD shelves. Gross.

What do you think of the trailer for Underground Comedy? Are you interested in seeing it?