Do you want to read something depressing? Harry Potter the protagonist from the popular J.K. Rowling series’ recently celebrated his birthday, and no he didn’t turn 21, he turned 30. The big 3-0! Potter’s a grown man and die-hard fans everywhere celebrated his big day over the weekend. Were you one of them?

Potter was born on July 31, 1980, making his birthday this past Saturday. It’s odd that the date is so close to that of his portrayer Daniel Radcliffe, who just turned 21 on July 23rd. Do you know what’s even creepier than that? Author Rowling was also born on July 31st (1965), talk about putting a piece of yourself into your work.

While Radcliffe has been continent hopping in celebration of turning 21, Potter fans have been hitting up the Wizarding World theme park in honor of the monumental event. The place has been over run with hormone induced fanatics who love magic and love Potter.

The young wizard was first introduced to us in the literary sense, in 1997 with Rowling’s first book, “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.” That was 13 years ago. Boy do we feel old!

Did you celebrate Potter’s birthday this weekend? Can you believe he’s 30?!