At this point, anything related to the long developing Arrested Development movie should be taken with a grain of salt. Nothing against the filmmakers, producers, or actors involved but we’ve been waiting YEARS for the Bluth clan to hit the big screen to no avail. Several of the show’s co-stars have given us conflicting reports regarding the matter – some say it will happen, others say it won’t – who do we believe? The latest info on the film comes from the show’s creator, Mitch Hurwitz who gave a somewhat positive update on the project.

According to THR, Hurwitz announced at the TCA press tour (while promoting his new show “Running Wilde“) that the script for Arrested Development is half-way done.

“Were writing it; we’re halfway through,” Hurwitz said at the TCA press tour. “The reason I’ve been so cagey is fans have been so [eager about it]. I really want to do it. Jason Bateman gave an interesting quote recently saying ‘when we get it, we’ll read it and decide if we want to do it [Hurwitz gives 'What? Really?' look].”

He went on to say that he doesn’t expect it to be a big money maker, but it will be a fun family reunion. The biggest problem will be getting all of the actor’s schedules to sync up so they can shoot together.

Granted, Arrested Development didn’t bring in the ratings that Fox wanted during its run but Hurwitz shouldn’t underestimate the growth of the fanbase since then. There are plenty of people who have discovered the awesomeness of the show through DVDs and syndication. The newbies plus the psycho fanatics who have been around since episode one (like us) could make it a theatrical hit!

Do you think the Arrested Development movie will ever get made?