Have you seen those terribly dramatic ads on NBC promoting their new show, “The Event“? You know the ones that feature Jason Ritter looking confused and Sarah Roemer appearing hopeless and lost? There’s a method to the network’s promotional madness and according to them (regardless of their flighty commercials) this show will deliver. *Fingers crossed.*

“The Event” has a lot of things in common with ABC’s “FlashForward.” The pilot episode received lots of positive buzz, it has a conspiracy-thriller undertone, and it centers on a major pending event (hence the title). These types of comparisons wouldn’t be that bad if “FlashForward” hadn’t got cancelled. Obviously, something went wrong with ABC’s format and NBC wants to avoid it.

To get away from any type of negative speculation floating around in the press, NBC exec Angela Bromstad said,

“That show had a great script, a really good pilot and we were afraid of it competitively. I understand it did disappoint the audience. We take those lessons really seriously. The audience and critics will be rightly skeptical. “If we can get this show right, even though the risks are tremendous, the rewards are really great.”

We’re not really clear what “the event” is or how it will be revealed but creator Nick Wauters claims that this won’t be one of those show’s where you have to wait forever to get an answer.

“We’re basically going to look at everything that leads up to the event, the event itself and what happens after, life afterward. “The event isn’t something people will have to wait too long to see. It could be Season 1 or Season 2 — that’s where our debate is right now.”

In other words pace is the key. Pace and focus are the two things that can make or break a series like this. There are plenty of shows that I loved that hit the skids when they changed their objective and didn’t know how to get from point A to point B. “FlashForward” definitely falls into that category and to a certain extent so does “Lost.”

If you still have no idea what “The Event” is and you’re unsure if it’s worth your time, here’s the trailer.

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What do you think of The Event? Do you think it has what it takes to be a success?

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