Tina Fey and live television go together like peanut butter and jelly, bacon and eggs, turkey and swiss — you get the point. Therefore, NBC’s latest creative decision regarding her hit TV show shouldn’t come as a shock. This fall, “30 Rock” is going LIVE! If the the show was something like “One Tree Hill” or “Gossip Girl,” it would be a scary thought but 90 percent of the cast either comes from “Saturday Night Live” or have a background in theater and improv. With that in mind, bring it on!

NBC says that the live “30 Rock” episode will air on Thursday, October 14th. And this won’t be one of those things where they record it live on the East Coast and re-air it later for the people in the western time zones. The cast will actually perform it twice! Woo hoo, thanks for not being lazy “30 Rock”.

No specifics have been given regarding the story so we have no idea what the plot will entail. Over at EW, they seem to think that it might have to do with a live taping of “TGS with Tracy Jordan,” the show within a show. That sounds like a plausible theory and it would make sense. Either way, we can’t wait to see how it all goes down…live.

What do you think of 30 Rock going live? What do you think will happen in the episode?