How many times have we heard about Daft Punk’s music getting leaked? At this point it’s really starting to get ridiculous but that doesn’t stop people from uploading raw material online and claiming that it’s been taken directly from the group. Several tracks have been posted via alexdraft26, who claims that they are from the score of Disney’s long awaited sequel Tron Legacy. Real or fake, you be the judge…

According to Cinematical, Disney has already confirmed that several of the tracks posted are fake but they’ve yet to confirm the validity of 6 other songs. You can listen to them in their entiriety and tell us what you think. Because of the popularity of this story and the hectic search for these tunes we’re not sure how long the videos will be up. Even though they’re “fake” the studio probably doesn’t want some fan’s music (no matter how good) tainting their precious Tron Legacy.

While we’re awaiting confirmation regarding the remaining songs that have been released, take solace in knowing that December will be here sooner than you think. And at that time you’ll be able to enjoy all the techno-action-orgy music any Daft Punk fan could ask for!

What do you think of the “score” for Disney’s Tron Legacy? Do you think it’s legit?