One of the joys of Comic-Con is seeing grown adults take acting like a 7-year-old very seriously. Everyone makes fun of everyone else for being a “nerd” and yet they do so while dressed up as a Wookie. Somewhere deep in all Comic-Con-ers hearts they know that if they’re lining up for 5 hours to see a 3 minute clip of a movie, or 45 minutes for a “really cool ___ pin,” whatever your choice may be, you’re a nerd. High-five yourself and check out some of our favorite photos of “nerds” truly embracing the Comic-Con spirit and despite all the interesting individuals that descend upon the convention center, the few that caught us off guard…

Even Superheroes Are Looking for Work

The economy has hit everyone hard but at least this superhero couple are sticking together. Saving countless lives and playing cops and robbers isn’t paying the mortgage anymore. Spider-Man and The Black Cat are weighing their options.

Will the Real Tony Stark Please Stand Up?

Tony Stark was trying to overcompensate for something! All of his designer clothes, fancy gadgets, and blatant dependency on alcohol is all an act to cover up this truth. He’s a little, little man on the inside begging to come out. We see you Tony. We see you!

Deadpool vs Deadpool?

This is taking self-hate a little too far. There’s no reason why two Deadpools can’t be at the convention at the same time. Come on guys, let’s stop with the red and black on red and black crime. There are plenty of other people to kill like that unemployed Spider-Man. He’s not doing anything.

Support the Bruce Wayne Beer Fund

Damn, Bruce we thought you were a billionaire? It has been 2 years since the last Batman movie came out and Wayne manor doesn’t run on air. Marvel’s Avengers project is really hitting DC hard. Will someone please get this man a sidekick, a proper utility belt, and a shot of Jack? Thank you.

Darth Vader – Silent but still Deadly

Darth Vader doesn’t do a lot of talking because he can get a point across without saying a word. Message received Darth. Message received.

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