Between Two Ferns is an off-putting interview show that actor Zach Galifianakis hosts via the Funny or Die website. In his latest installment of the series he invited his Dinner for Schmucks co-star Steve Carell and as you might expect the shit hit the fan. Galifianakis is known for giving his guests an emotional beat down and Carell was not having it. See what happens when two Schmucks go at it, insult to insult…


“Like when you go to the beach and someone yells, Shark! Shark!” and they just realize it’s Steve Carell doing the backstroke.”

“I hear that they were going to base the nose of the character [in Despicable Me] on your nose but they decided to go for something less cartoonish.”


“The only French word you know is buffet.”

“When you go to the beach and you swim out past the bouys do people think there’s an island there?”

Oh these two love each other and they know it. You have to admit Carell was going toe to toe with Galifianakis who usually eats his guests alive. Good job Steve!

Who do you think won this insult-a-thon?