Who the hell is Corey Stoll? That’s the first thing that came to mind after reading the latest casting announcement for NBC’s spin-off “Law & Order: Los Angeles.“ The new series has already landed Skeet Ulrich as one of its primary characters and now Stoll has signed on along with veteran actor Alfred Molina (someone I can get behind). That’s 3 down and a few more roles to go until we have the whole cast together. Check out the details on these two below…

First up is Molina, he officially got on board the “LOLA” train a few days ago as Deputy District Attorney Morales. So his character will obviously be on the “order” side of things. As for the “law,” that will land is Stoll’s lap. He’s been cast as “Detective J Jaruszalski, a confident Hollywood native with a cynical view of the entertainment industry, a health nut with an active social life.” and partner to Ulrich’s character Rex Winters.

It’s great that we’re getting some of the primary male roles filled but what about the ladies? Where’s the Olivia Benson like character? Or the Connie Rubirosa legal eagle (yeah, I wrote legal eagle)? Even though “Special Victims Unit” has my heart, I might give this show a chance. Who can deny Ulrich and Molina?!

Production on “LOLA” is slated to begin on August 2nd.

What do you think of the cast of Law and Order: Los Angeles so far?

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