The interminable battle between cats and dogs continues! This time around, Kitty Galore is getting her revenge. Meow. Ms. Galore, a former agent for a cat spy organization has devised a plan to take down her canine enemies, destroy her former kitty comrades, and take over the universe. For the first time in the history of house hold pets, cats and dogs will unite to stop Ms. Galore from wreaking havoc all over the planet. We got the opportunity to sit down with Chris O’Donnell to hear his two cents on this weekends release of Cats And Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore.

Check out the interview below…

You worked with a pretty impressive pup in this film.

Chris O’Donnell: The first scene I’m there, I’m barbequing with my wife. And the dog comes and tucks in this baby and goes into the house. And it was the producers sleeping baby, and I’m thinking we’re gonna be here forever, this is nuts. And sure enough they say action and this dog grabs the blanket, tucks it in, goes to his spot, and sits down. I learned real quickly that you gotta be ready because as soon as the dog gets a good take you’re probably moving on.

So, no matter how great your performance was there was no way to escape being sufficiently overshadowed by a dog..

Chris O’Donnell: Absolutely! I did this for a very particular reason, I’ve got five kids. I go see these kids movies all the time – and not everything I do is appropriate  for my kids to see. I wanted to do something fun for them. It was not a huge commitment – I just though it’d be fun. I’m the kinda guy that will sit and watch the Dog Whisper or Discovery Channel… I’m kinda fascinated by people that can communicate with dogs that way and get them to behave a certain way. This was unbelievable.

Do you like working with Brad Peyton?

Chris O’Donnell: Absolutely. Brad is terrific to work with. He’s young! I was blown away. This is a big movie to be taking on. The crew really liked him because he was a mellow guy but knew what he wanted and was real consistent and patient and good at, you know, telling a story. He knew what he needed and he got it.

He mentioned earlier that he looked forward to your work days because you were great with the dogs.

Chris O’Donnell: It’s true. I only had a couple scenes where I interacted with a human being. The dog was all business. These dogs, you don’t mess with those dogs.

Do you have any pets at home?

Chris O’Donnell: We’ve got a little black lab named Kimmy, and we’ve got four or five gold fish. Kimmy is a great dog, she was a seeing eye dog who had a skin condition and didn’t get placed so we were lucky enough to get her. Most dogs have their routine, run around the house…she just wants to be with me. When I’m home just she stares at me, like a house guest you constantly have to entertain.

This is a film that kids can and enjoy and adults can endure. There have been few children’s films that have fallen within that category lately.

Chris O’Donnell: I’ve sat through just about everything that’s come out in the last three years. There’s even been one’s where when the popcorn and slushies run out, even the kids wanna leave…thankfully we live in L.A. where you don’t have a lot of rainy days where you need an activity. It was a good script, and Warner Bros. had a pretty good idea of what they were doing with this. I hadn’t worked with Brad before, but once I got there and spent a little time with him I knew they were on the right track.

The movie opens nationwide July 30th! Check it out!

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