Time to sit down to a dinner with some of the most interesting group of Schmucks ever seen on screen. Well-known comedic director Jay Roach brings us an adaptation of the French film Le Diner de Cons, or as he’s interpreted it Dinner with Schmucks. There’s no doubt that this all star comedic cast will have you laughing, even if it makes you a schmuck for doing so.

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The Plot:

Rudd plays a businessman looking to get a promotion, in order for him to do so his boss wants him to find a guest to bring to his monthly event, a “dinner for idiots.” Whoever brings the biggest idiot wins the big new office! He happens across the perfect dinner guest played by Carell and debates on whether or not it’s right to bring him to this dinner. Will he stand by his moral and leave Carell alone ? Or will he enjoy his new view?

The Players:

The Good:

  • Lucy Punch: The second I walked out of this film I googled her. She was so perfectly over the top for the role. She was able to surprise us with a completely unique character that you would never see in real life but helped along the story with a ton of laughs. She shook up the story and played the role of a psychotic-schizophrenic pitch perfect.
  • Steve Carell: This is not an entirely original character for him in some ways but he’s so endearing as a crazy guy. He’s so truthfully ridiculous that you follow him even when the plot starts to let you down. Although something to consider on a second watching is that uou could take this same character and add some horror music and one scary movie: he loves to collect dead animals and he forces himself into other peoples lives even when they don’t want him there — In a different movie he could be one frightening serial killer, but due to a few good pratfalls and a couple of ridiculous jokes – you’ve got yourself an edgy, mainstream comedy (I can’t wait to see this redone to some horror music).
  • Paul Rudd: The man can set up a joke like no other. He’s known for being the “staight-guy” and in this film he delivers on exactly what we’ve come to know and love from him.
  • Supporting Cast: Zach Galifianakis and Jemaine Clement are quite possibly two of THE BEST deadpan actors working today. Neither of them have to do anything and yet they’ll both have you laughing
  • The Mice: Such a nice, odd detail. Talk about a great device to both introduce you to a characters back-story, insecurities, and heart.

The Good/Bad:

  • Cheesy Ending: They wrap everything up with a nice convenient little bow. It’s completely expected but they add their own flare to it so that it’s not completely comic-less.

The Bad:

  • Predictability: The story as a whole is quite predictable and there are a number of convenient plot points to get the characters into their next joke. That being said, I wasn’t looking for a mind-blowing plot, I was looking for humor and that the film delivered on.
  • The Odd Part: The fact of the matter you’re laughing at people who are “weird” while being told it’s bad to laugh at people that are “weird.” But then again, isn’t that what we do in most comedies? It’s a bit of a conundrum, but at the same time the characters they pick are extremely over the top and the people laughing at them are equally over the top in the jerk-iness status, so the only thing that sets you aside from being one of those jerks is possibly learning a lesson. It’s hit or miss.


This is by no means a brilliant film, but it had me laughing out loud several times, it has an endearing message and the heart of it and even a somewhat edgy quality that other basic comedies don’t have.

Rating: 7.5

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