What would happen if you took two of the best movies from this mediocre summer and combined them in the same trailer? Would the world explode from the large amount of awesomeness? No, but you could experience some pretty cool audio-visual swapping and you’d get to see Ken deliver dialogue like only Leonardo DiCaprio can. Are you ready for Inception-Toy Story 3? Here it is…

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Who knew that Ken could be so — gangsta? The audio and the footage line up perfectly making it hard to turn away. It’s kind of ironic how well everything fits. Some people have previously stated that Toy Story 3 is a lot darker than its two predecessors and after seeing this trailer I’m starting to believe that. Shadowy figures, beady eyes, there all there. Damn it Christopher Nolan, you could have had a hand in both of these!

On a side note, isn’t it sad that the summer isn’t over yet people are already narrowing down the best movies as if there’s not an entire month of films left?

What do you think of the Inception-Toy Story 3 mash up trailer? Do you think the creators did a good job?

Source: ScreenRant