Now that we’ve gotten a good look at Ryan Reynolds in the Green Lantern suit, it’s time to examine the rest of the film’s characters. After the actor appeared on the cover of the Comic-Con edition of Entertainment Weekly, several photos from it popped up online. The latest one features him along with co-star Blake Lively in what looks like a heated “moment.”

This week, we’ve been in Green Lantern mode with all the Comic-Con coverage we brought you from the annual event. Just yesterday four character posters debuted featuring Lively, Reynolds, Mark Strong, and Peter Sarsgaard and now we’ve got this. Unfortunately, I’ve never been behind Lively in the role of Carol Ferris. She’s a strong character who’s an equal to Hal Jordan in a lot of ways. They’re almost like competitors let alone lovers.

Lively is giving off that — dare I say — Kate Bosworth in Superman Returns vibe? Before you throw stones, aren’t there a lot of similarities besides the fact that they both appear in DC Comics films? Both of their characters are a lot older than the actresses themselves (and it shows), they both wear horrible brunette wigs to cover up their natural blond tresses, and they both look unbelievably awkward next to their leading men. Sorry, not buying it.

What do you think of this photo with Carol and Hal?

Source: Comic Book Movie

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