Over our eventful Comic-Con weekend a lot of awesome news broke regarding some of your favorite superhero properties. While in San Diego, Sony Online Entertainment unveiled a new trailer for the video game, DC Universe Online. It runs a little over 6 minutes and it looks amazing! At this point, we’re pretty sure this is the closest thing we’re going to get to a Justice League movie for a very long time (damn). The good news is the gang’s all here and they’re kicking ass and taking names. This isn’t your grandma’s Superman! Take a look…

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First of all, can we just talk about how awesome Wonder Woman is? They have never been able to fully illustrate her strength in live action adaptations (sorry Linda Carter). The closest thing we ever got to a real life version of her was Xena The Warrior Princess. Why didn’t Lucy Lawless get in on this?! She’s yielding a sword and cutting bitches!

The character’s costume designs look more rugged than usual. Cyborg in particular doesn’t look like one to mess with and you have to love the Sid and Nancy vibe they give The Joker and Harlequin. They make Superman appear as a real badass who’ll melt a bitch before he lets his team suffer. You have to love that dedication!

There’s a lot of stuff going on in this trailer and I’m intrigued. If only Warner Bros and DC Entertainment could get on the ball with a JLA movie. Marvel is beating them to the punch in that area. The Avengers are already set! Come on DC, you can do it.

What do you think of the trailer for DC Universe Online?